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Your membership to The Employment Law Exchange can start any time of the year and includes seven half-day sessions over a one-year period to address up and coming employment law issues affecting your organisation.

Sessions are held in London for members from around the UK. 

Session topics 2022: Under the current climate topics for discussion may be subjected to members' consultation. 

  • April 1st: ‘An analysis of some of the key developments in contracts of employment case-law and legislation. (Online session)

  • May 27th: ’An update of equality law and its key developments’. (Online session)

  • July 8th: Conference 1 ’The changing nature of ways of working, the legal issues' (Venue and Guest speaker to be confirmed) 

  • September 17th: ‘Pay, leave and benefits at work' (Online session)

  • November 11th: Conference 2 'Handling difficult and sensitive issues' (Venue and Guest speaker to be confirmed) 

  • December 9th ’Managing recruitment and staff development (Online session)

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Occasionally there may be changes if urgent topics arise and also in line with COVID-19 guidelines early sessions will be held online.