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History and Growth


The Employment Law Exchange (formerly called The PEEL Club) has successfully run for over 30 years. It was initially hosted by the then Industrial Society at the Society’s London premises. Right from the outset, the idea was to have a strongly practical approach to employment law.

In 2002 Capita Learning & Development acquired the Society’s portfolio of programmes and took over the running of The PEEL Club. In 2003 Professor Patricia Leighton became its leader.

The original aim of the Exchange was to bring together a group of senior HR practitioners to consider the implications of the then burgeoning area of employment law.

The idea was always one of informality, networking and discussion. Reflecting on the period since The Employment Law Exchange's inception in 2016, it is incredible to think that at the beginning employment law was a relatively new topic, even though some areas such as, unfair dismissal, redundancy payments and maternity rights were well established. Since the early years, employment law has changed dramatically, with the equality agenda becoming far wider. Other matters, such as  wellbeing, whistleblowing, temporary, zero-hours, agency and home working contract and outsourcing, along with the need to effectively manage business and employment contract changes gaining prominence. The employment law agenda today is both wider and more complex.

There has been an increasing emphasis on EU law recognising the importance of both EU employment law but also the key role of decisions of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. But we must not forget the European Court of Human Rights as their employment law case law is of growing importance ‘


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