Employment Law Documents

Session documents for the Year 2018 - 2019


These documents are specific to the topics we have discussed in our meetings. They are for you to download and use in your own working areas. 

Starter Quizzes

ELE Jan 2017 

ELE Mar 2017 

Session presentations

Data protection and Privacy

Pay and Equal pay

Leave from work

Redundancy and TUPE


June 2018

Session Notes  

ELE Notes Jan  2018

ELE Notes Mar 2018

ELE Notes May 2018

ELE Notes Jun 2018

ELE Notes Sep 2018

ELE Notes Nov 2018

ELE Notes Dec 2018

Case Studies

Gavel Newsletters

Gavel Newsletter Spring 2018

Mini Gavel Spring (2) 2018


Guide to Equal Pay 2018

Guide to Equal Pay 2018

Guide to contract Law 2018