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"Keeping on Top of Employment Law: Understanding Law and Working Within it" 

The Employment Law Exchange (ELE) is a unique club. There are many other ways you can get information about developments in employment law and related topics, such as from newsletters, journals, lectures and blogs, but ELE is designed to provide a ‘wrap round’ and on-going service for members, which is built on sharing and collaboration.  We have our regular half day meetings where we consider legal changes and likely future developments, which combine information with quizzes, case studies and other activities. We use members’ premises for our meetings on a rotating basis and between meetings we have newsletters, special sessions with topical speaker. 

The emphasis is always on the effective application of law at members’ workplaces. We not only, consider the changes to legislation and case-law as ‘rule changes’, but we explore what law is trying to achieve and what new policy initiatives are about. We seek the views and practical support from fellow members on workplace issues. Therefore, this is no ordinary updating service. ELE provides the opportunity to 'get amongst the law' and build understanding and confidence as well as knowledge.' 

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Professor Patricia Leighton

As a an ELE member, you will have access to the knowledge of leader Professor Patricia Leighton, a highly influential figure in the field of employment law. Her work with HR has involved advice consultancy in many states and for a variety of clients. She has also undertaken many research projects for the ILO, European Commission and UK government and other governments, as well as public and private bodies and individual employers.

 ‘She is the author of eighteen books on employment matters and contributes regularly to leading international journals. She is currently an expert advisor to several UK and EU bodies on the changes affecting labour markets and working conditions. These include the rise of the so-called ‘gig’ economy, and other technological changes, skills supply chains and intermediation, and the controversies surrounding new forms of employment relationships and their regulation’

Our membership includes experienced HR professionals drawn from the public, private, not-for-profit sectors and trade unions.

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